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Thieffry Blue Striped Linen Napkin

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Product Details

Traditionally crafted Belgian linen napkin.

Natural linen with woven blue stripe detail. Pre-shrunk.

Linen is stronger than cotton or wool. It is lint free, non-static, doesn't pill and naturally repels mold and moths. Linen air dries beautifully, gets softer with washing and is hypo-allergenic.

100% Linen Napkin - 20" x 21"

About the Company


Family owned and run since 1837, Thieffry has produced timeless home linens in Roubaix France. Generations of craftsmen have used traditional methods to make true Belgian linen from flax to finish. Each piece is built to last, strong, classically designed, pill resistant and anti-mold and moth. Fabric is pre-shrunk and linens get softer with each washing.

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