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Sonya has had a love affair with the Napa Valley for decades and decided to make a career out of it. From hospitality to sales and marketing to owning a wine bar, she has always brought the gracious wine country lifestyle to her clients and guests. Sonya and her daughter Rhema would make numerous trips to Napa visiting friends, wineries and shops. Their favorite memories are those times spent in kitchens across the valley with winemakers and great friends. 


The pandemic hindered travel (to say the least) for many of us but we have experienced the blessings of a slower paced life and making home the most important place to just be. We wanted others to experience the pleasures of wine country by offering the flavors and textures that we have enjoyed over the years without having to leave their home. 


A love of wine country usually comes with a love of animals. We proudly support the amazing work of Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch which is a humane no-kill animal rescue. They have created a sanctuary for countless misplaced wildlife and farm animals due to wildfires as well as many surrendered pets. We love what they do and feel blessed to be able to donate a portion of our sales to this worthy cause.

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Image by Maite Oñate
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