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From who we are to where we source 

Sonya Villegas Kelsen grew up in the restaurant business working under her father, chef / owner of a number of restaurants from fast casual to fine dining. Once she saw the difference a bottle of wine made on the table while working, she was hooked. The pace of the conversation and enjoyment of the meal slowed down as soon as the cork was popped and wine was poured. She was determined to make wine a way of life. Sonya has had a wonderful career in the wine industry working with amazing vintners, family owned wineries and organic farmers. 


While working for a number of wineries in the Napa Valley, Sonya fell in love with the wine country lifestyle. She has always been immersed in fine wine, fresh local produce, handcrafted textiles, sustainably made and sourced goods, organic farming and family owned producers, She is now bringing wine country into your home by offering the flavors and textures of Napa, Sonoma, France and beyond. She has sourced The Napa Kitchen offerings from companies and artisans that are family owned, woman run, offer fair wages, use sustainable products, farm organically, give back to the community and recycle.  

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Image by Maite Oñate
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