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Ethically Sourced

We take great pride in sourcing our products from artisan producers that hand-craft in small lots. We celebrate recipes and heritage techniques that have been passed down for generations. We seek out the organic farmer and sustainable producer. We partner with women owned businesses and focus on companies that give back to their communities. We look for wares that are long lasting to avoid replacement, therefore cutting back on waste. We make sure that packaging from our source, to the warehouse, to you, is minimal and made of recycled materials.

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What We Do

We bring wine country to your home by offering goods such as fine wine, textiles, apothecaries and art all hand-crafted by artisans in Napa, Sonoma, the Central Coast and beyond.

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Kitchen & Tableware

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Soap and Herbs


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White Feather

Who We Are

FOUNDER : Sonya Villegas Kelsen

Sonya has had a rich career in the wine industry. She grew up working in her father's many restaurants in California and Mexico. She observed and fell in love with the slower pace, richer conversation and intentional savoring of a meal when a bottle of wine showed up on the table while working and was determined to make wine her career. After years in the restaurant industry Sonya had the honor of working for a number of wineries as a certified sommelier, wine educator, sales and marketing manager and most recently opened up her own wine bar and restaurant. Her love of wine country and the gracious lifestyle it offers is something she loves to share with others.

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